Thanks for checking out my artwork! I am beginning a new series based on movements and will put pics up as I get the paintings done. Here is a preview:

This image was featured for Owen Sound’s Art Banner Project.  Check out for more info!

Feel free to leave comments and check out my About page to learn more about my work!


8 thoughts on “

  1. When I first saw the image used for the Art Banner Project I was impressed with Sarah’s ability to capture movement on canvas. The choices of color, the effect of light, and how the viewer has the option to see more than one perspective is, in my opinion, important in a piece of artwork.

    I am not an expert in this field. I was not formally trained or educated I have seen what is referred to as “Art” and am glad I did not spend hard earned money to “learn” from “trained professionals” what art is.

    To me art is the embodiment of feelings, both good and bad, the tanigible that allows the artist to express herself/himself in a manner that not only benefits the artist but also those who are able to appriciate the effort and honesty art brings to our everyday lives.

    I have not know Sarah for a long time but I have come to know the artist behind the image and am grateful she chooses to share her gift with us. The commitment to continuing education and implimentation of learned concepts is to be respected and admired. Sarah’s desire to share with us through her pieces and curation of exibits is appriciated and respected in our community..

    Art is not just paint and canvas hung on the wall but more the story behind the work, the conversations in involkes and the emotion it stirs with in us individualy and as a collective. With art the viewer in the moment is the only one that matters, with personal opinion there is no a right or wrong.

    Once again I would like to thank Sarah for sharing her talents and expressing what most of us want to say but don’t have the medium to do so. She speaks for those who don’t have the words. That, to me is what art is.

  2. Sarah. Just visited your website. Wow! I had no idea how talented you were. Love your paintings. Do I get a family discount?


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