New Work!

Well, I finally finished 2 new paintings this weekend. Here’s your preview!
A new work is in progress…I will post photos up when its done!
Thanks for taking a look, and let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “New Work!

  1. Very eye catching. Are they titled. Are they for sale?

    The first, it was the movement of the sky that first made a stir. The depth of the foreground relative to the midground is quite defined. The blending of the “sunset” and the sky was the main reason I looked twice. The lighting of the sky in contrast to the “sea” gave me the reason to keep looking.

    The second, Although not as captivating as the first to me, stirred intresting emotions too many and varied to list here. To me the ability to create this type of response is in actuality the most important aspect of art.

  2. The titles are ‘Erratic Sky’ and ‘Erratic Water’
    Both aren’t for sale at the moment…I am applying to some exhibitions with them first, then later on they will be for sale.
    The second painting tested me a bit. My mixed media wasnt flowing the way it should, and I feel the composition is a bit awkward. I wanted to play around with the horizon and how we look at it from different angles, not bad for an experiment!

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