Happy Accident?

I struggled with the new painting ‘Erratic Water’ for some time now, ever since I posted it. I feel the composition is a bit awkward and too heavy on the bottom. So on a whim, I flipped it upside down to see if it could turn out to be one of those ‘Happy Accidents’ artists sometimes come across. I think it feels a lot better…but I want to know YOUR thoughts!

What do you think? Before or After? or maybe I should re-paint and see what happens then?? Let me know your thoughts!

BEFORE                                                  AFTER


3 thoughts on “Happy Accident?

  1. after pic not sure why it appeals to alittle more but there both great i`m probably not the one who appion you want but i try good job as always. marg

    • Other than the percived “heaviness” what else is there that isn’t sitting well? Honestly, I prefer the “before” of the image.

      When the two colors meet, whether as the sky or the sea, it seems almost to definative. The image of the sea and sky as such does allow for the midground depth to be seen.

      The movement in the water/sky is apparent and gives the image life. You know I appriciate movement in art.

      Don’t beat yourself up about it. Sometimes its best to just walk away from a piece for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes and a clear mind.

      Keep it up!

      Talk with you soon

      Looking at it again it may be a desert at night. A couple of stars in the sky and BAM there you go.

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