Back at it…

It has been about 6 months since I last painted. Life has been busy and to be honest, I haven’t had the desire to paint. I guess there has been a lack of inspiration, but today was different…I finally wanted to paint. With the amount of emotions running through me these past couple of months it was time to release it. I believe something inside me told me that I had to let it all out on the canvas and it truly made me feel so much better. This painting took me 1 hour. I couldn’t stop and it was the fastest painting I have ever done (and the canvas is 24x 40).
This painting is dedicated to my Mother, my biggest supporter who loved all my work. I believe she had something to do with it…she did love the night skies I painted. The title is “Winter Nights” and hope it will be showcased at the Meaford Hall exhibition in November.
Stay tuned for more paintings! I think I’ve got my groove back!


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